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The Town of Pecos City now offers 5 ways to pay your utility bill. CLICK HERE for more information on how to pay your water bill!

Water and Wastewater Service Information

Customers who wish to start, stop, or transfer water services must contact the City Hall Administration/Utility Billing offices, 110 E. 6th St., during normal business hours: 8am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday and complete a service contract.
  • New Service: To activate services please come to City Hall, you must present a valid photo ID, copy of a lease or closing papers, and pay a deposit and activation fee.
  • If an account has been inactive, an inspection is required before an application can be processed. Please contact the Inspections department at 432-445-2421.
  • Transfer of Service: Must be done in person, submit an application and present a Valid Photo ID and copy of lease or closing papers.
  • Stop or disconnect service: May be done by phone or in person. Deposits will be applied to the balance on the final bill. Please provide a forwarding address for the final bill and possible refund due.
  • Reconnects: Requests must be received before 3 pm for same day service.
  • Wastewater use is estimated based on your water use. Once a year, customer accounts are monitored for what are typically the lowest usage for the months of December, January and February and then averaged to get your wastewater rate per month for the next 12 months. 

Water / Sewer Problems

If your water service has been suddenly interrupted and you do not know the cause, please call the Utility Billing Department during normal business hours at 432-445-2421 and after hours due to an emergency situation, call 432-445-4911. 

When water service has been discontinued for non-payment of a bill, the full amount of the bill plus a $10 late fee and a $40.00 reconnection fee must be paid before service is reinstated.

To report water leaks, main breaks, water quality problems, or sewer related problems, please call the City Warehouse at 432-445-2932.


Water Meter Tampering

In an effort to deter losses in water revenue, service calls and meter repair, any detected water meter tampering will be reported to the police, investigated and, whenever possible, charges filed. Tampering with a water meter is a Class A misdemeanor in Texas and punishable by fine, confinement in jail or both. Individuals responsible for tampering may also incur civil liability and additional fees. Call 432-445-2421 if you suspect someone has been tampering with a water meter.

Electric Utilities

You must select your own electric provider. Visit the Power to Choose website at to find a provider that best meets your needs.