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Post Date:09/25/2019

Town of Pecos City / 1950001 failed to collect the required number of triggered source bacteriological samples for fecal indicator monitoring of the groundwater system during February, 20, 2019. This monitoring is required by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s “Drinking Water Standards” and federal “Safe Drinking Water Act,” Public Law 95-523.

Triggered source samples are used to monitor water quality and indicate if water is free of fecal indicator bacteria> Following a positive routine total coliform result in our distribution system, our water system is required to submit one triggered source sample for every active groundwater well source. Failure to collect all required triggered source samples is a violation of the monitoring requirements and we are required to notify you of this violation.

What should I do?

There is nothing you need to do at this time.

What is being done?

This positive sample on bacteriological test was taken at the Reeves County Detention Center. Because of poor circulation on RCDC 1 & 2 not being in service, the water circulation was minimum and resulted in contamination. The recommendation was add chlorine to the ground storage tanks and elevated tank and flush out the entire system at RCDC to insure that the RCDC water system is disinfected properly. We took a “repeat sample” at R3 admin Building plus another 3 samples upstream and downstream of the original site, and the Lab results for those samples was absent. With this we corrected all significant deficiencies

For more information, please contact Jose L Delgado at 432-445-2421 or at City Hall 115 W 3rd St.

Please share this information with all the another people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly.

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