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  • Code Enforcement

    • I received a notice of violation from your office. How many days do I have to fix the problem?

    • My alley is dirty, why doesn't the City clean our alley?

    • What do I need before I make any additions/renovations to my home or property?

    • How can l get rid of my inoperable vehicle(s)?

  • Government

    • How can I volunteer to be on a City Board?

    • When and where does the City Council meet?

    • How can I contact a Council Member?

  • Human Resources

    • Are there any job openings?

    • If I submit a resume, do I still need to complete an employment application?

    • Can I apply for a job if it is not listed as a current opening?

  • Municipal Airport

    • Is your airport secure?

    • Can 'jets' land there?

    • How do I get to town?

    • Do you have commercial flights?

  • Municipal Court

    • What forms of payment are accepted?

  • Parks and Recreation

    • Are alcoholic beverages allowed in the park?

    • Can you reserve the Maxey Park picnic facilities?